Traffic in the Netherlands 2017

Although TrafficQuest formally has come to an end in december 2016, we thought that our yearly booklet was too important. So therefore we decided to publish a new edition anyway. All developments related to traffic flows, research, hot topics, platforms, etc. are described in the 2017 edition of 'Traffic in the Netherlands 2017'. The report is only available in Dutch.

Can we get rid of road-side systems?

It looks like in-car systems have the future. A lot of functionality of road-side systems is put in-car. However, penetration rates of those kind of in-car systems is nog high enough to get rid of the road-side systems. But when will this be the case? This question was discussed with a challenge - a quick scan analysis by a group of experts with a short duration. The report of the challenge can be downloaded here, but is only available in Dutch.

Alternative data sources for traffic management


Traffic management measures are for a large part feeded with data from loop detectors. However, nowadays other sources of data are available. These other sources are used for monitoring in traffic management centres, but not to as input for traffic management measusres. Therefore, TrafficQuest has written a report to explore the possibilities of alternative data sources. Note that the report is in Dutch.

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Paper on automated driving in mixed traffic wins a prize!

On Friday December 16th, 2016, Simeon Calvert presented the paper “Considering knowledge gaps for automated driving in conventional traffic” during the Fourth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering - ACSEE 2016 in Rome, Italy. The paper describes which problems can occur if more or less automated vehicles will participate in traffic and which research is still needed to tackle these problems. The work in the paper was initiated by TrafficQuest and the paper is also co-authored by TrafficQuest. The research discussed was highly valued by the conference participants and the paper was awarded the best paper!

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