Succesful masterclass about the future

During the 20th "International Symposium Transportation & Traffic Theory", held in Noordwijk from July 16th until Jluy 20th, TrafficQuest organised a masterclass on the future of traffic management. The session was attended by about 35 people from the national and international field of traffic and transport, consisting of policy makers, practitioners and scientists. Isabel Wilmink, member of TrafficQuest chaired the session and introduced the five interesting speakers and presentations on the various topics on the program. It was a very interesting and succesful afternoon. The presentations can be viewed and downloaded in the remainder of the text.


Henk Taale, member of TrafficQuest, replaced Caspar de Jonge from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, who unfortunately could not attend the session. He presented the new Dutch policy on traffic management and traffic information. Rob Bertini, professor at the Portland State University, described the current state in the United States of traffic management. The focus in the US is mainly on safety. The perspective of TrafficQuest was explained by professor Ben Immers of TrafficQuest. Especially, the cooperation between the different stakeholders and similarities with other disciplines received special attention. Afther the break professor Papageorgiou from the Technical University of Crete inspired the audience with his plea for merging cooperative and traditional traffic management systems. Finally, Ronald Adams from Rijkswaterstaat presented the control concepts of the Amsterdam Practical Trial on Network Management and the challenges the project faces. In the project also the integration of the current systems and the new in-car systems plays an important role.

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