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What is TrafficQuest?

 TrafficQuest is a cooperation between Rijkswaterstaat Water, Traffic & Environment, TNO and Delft University of Technology. TrafficQuest was initiated because there was a growing need to bundle and disseminate knowledge about traffic management and information, so that future projects, field trials and research can benefit from it. A lot is going on in the field of traffic management; the three organisations work together in TrafficQuest to ensure that the existing knowledge does not get lost and is made accessible to practitioners. Also, new research topics are defined.


Ambitions TrafficQuest
To be a platform of experts in the field of traffic management to bring together knowledge from science, applied science and operations. This is important for a good and sustainable cooperation between the organisations involved. The platform gives expert the opportunity to learn from each other and to make use of one another's knowledge and experience.


Activities TrafficQuest
TrafficQuest will focus on the following activities:

  • Quick response: quickly apply traffic managemeng knowledge from different perspectives for the benefit of projects and consults and societal and policy discussions.
  • Knowledge development: determine gaps in traffic management knowledge and draw attention to existing research, initiate and supervise research.
  • Knowledge dissemination: make traffic management knowledge accessibel by means of presentation, papers and (state of the art) reports.


Rijkswaterstaat WVL

The Water, Traffic and Environment Agency is one of the national agencies of Rijkswaterstaat. By applying knowledge and expertise, the advisors and specialists of the Water, Traffic and Environment Agency work on achieving swift, safe and sustainable water and road transport. The traffic management expertise is concentrated in the department.

TNO is an independent research organisation whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole.
Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology contributes to solutions for urgent societal problems. The Transport & Planning department carries out scientific research and provides education about the planning and operational practice of transport systems. Traffic management is an important part of this.